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30in30: Seek and Maintain Balance

Balance is important. From the time we can remember, we are taught to strive for balance: eat balanced meals, get enough sleep, “just say no.” But somewhere along the way, we shift; things aren’t so simple. We go into work on the weekends, our bedtime slides back a half hour every couple months, we eat without thinking or we think about it and haven’t eaten.

I‘m sure we could all fill in the blanks of what we have too little of and too much of-- we have become imbalanced. Now, of course, the word “imbalanced” denotes some negative undertones. We think: extreme, past the line, dysfunctional. Now before you go “consult your physician,” take a moment to see where you life has become wobbly.

For one, I’m sure we can all attest to working too much and/or too hard. We might go in to work an hour early, stay an hour late, pick up shifts, or work through lunch (guilty, guilty, guilty). And it’s not because we are so enthralled to be there or so enamored with our coworkers--we have to work. Like the old adage, “A man who doesn’t work…” well, you know the rest. Believe me, I understand. These days, working is rarely optional and if it is, most people will “opt” to work. But in it all, make sure to take some time to do that thing that you’d do, even if you didn’t get paid. Dancer dance, singer sing, baker bake! It’s endless! And while your cookie recipe may not be the next mass marketed dessert craze or you don’t have any orders for “custom-made” drapes that double as tablecloths, you’re fulfilled. You’re tapping into that space within you that shines from the inside out—and you love it. So, you may not be able to adjust your work/ school/ family/ life schedule very much at all, but by allowing yourself the space and time to do what you love, you are well on your way to greasing the gears right back in to balance!


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