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The Dream of Kings

It is a strong symbol to me. My parents and grandparents have called me their “little prince” since I was a child-- plus I like to feel crowns keep me connected to my inner king!

I have constant reminders of my “having that something” and I don’t necessarily brush it off, but I receive it gratefully and humbly and move on. But perhaps my forefathers and foremothers are speaking. Perhaps they are reaching out to me. Today our Senior Graphic Designer (who doesn’t work in the office, but was in today) noticed me drinking coffee from a mug covered in crowns and my tattoo-- “the crown on the hand” holding the mug.

I told him my history behind crowns and my tattoo and he said very straightforward, “Maybe you’re a king. You should look into it further.” He says one of his closest friends is a royalty buff and I should start researching my roots to Africa.

My affinity for crowns and Princess Diana made me laugh. Being told I look “regal” and “kingly.” I even remember on my lunch hour one day, walking through the bustling promenade of Santa Monica, a woman, who was obviously not completely well, bows on the sidewalk before me as she approaches me! I helped her up, a bit embarrassed for the both of us, but that was quite a statement to my subconscious.

I told my grandfather before he left, and many times since, that I would trace our roots back as far as I could. I would daydream and still do, about coming from a lineage of tall, broad, lean royal ebony warriors. Strong in stance and stature and mind and voice-- big, commanding presences. Leaders and scholars garnering strength and change and being a pillar for their nation. I know that the qualities I have now have been toiled and perfected through the generations.

I am the dream of my forefathers. I would imagine seeing my black face fit with thin, hunting eyes and angular lines once belonged to my ancestors. These legs were once lifting and running and standing for the generations of now. Upright posture and influencing words and voice. They are not mine, but all belong to those who came before me.

It is very humbling.

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