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30 Things in 30 Years: Impress Yourself

Last night, I had a very pleasant social experience. The encounter began because I noticed myself being noticed, or rather, I noticed my socks being noticed. “I always notice your socks—or your ankles, if you’re not wearing socks.” (Sidenote: consistent observation is definitely a form of flattery.) “Who do you dress up for?” was the question that followed. Instantly, my reply was “myself.”

This reinforced my thoughts on impressing yourself. When it comes to your life, love, career, body image, fashion, whatever—impress yourself. Make yourself smile and make yourself feel great. It all starts with you. How can you expect someone to celebrate you if you don’t celebrate yourself? How do you want fans if you’re not your own biggest fan?

Dress colors that make you feel your best. Wear your hair and your heart in a way that reminds you that you are something special!

Express yourself and impress yourself!


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