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LifeLines: Poetic Sessions - Take I

Kimberely Noble is writing and speaking and loving like she never has before. Along with the release fo her spoken word poetry release, Kim is getting married this year. I am quite excited for her and her future husband, Davin. A perfect complement to Kim, Davin is an easygoing creative that expresses himself through guitar. He really reinforces my theory that there is somebody for everybody. He loves her very much and the balance they have is beautiful.

Kim and I have been friends and writing buddies since we were kids. She’s always been an amazing writer; I gave her the nickname Kimmee Giovanni years ago in homage to American great Nikki Giovanni. Kim and I would proof each other’s work, bounce ideas off each other, and give voices to each others’ characters. Beyond that, we were just there for each other—we were lifelines.

I remember, years ago in our teens, Kim, after a botched attempt at a relationship, had vowed off marriage, love, dating and all that (as do many teenagers!) After about 30 minutes and some serious venting, she was “off the ledge.”

She thanked me, as she always did, and asked me if there was anything I wanted to talk about, as she always did.

Subsequently Kim asked me why wasn’t I in a relationship. I had begun to say it’s complicated and ramble off a list of all these “factors and issues.” She quickly stopped me and said, “Well, maybe you’re the problem?” Instantly I was taken aback, but I had to think.

“It’s not as complicated as you try to make it out to be,” she followed.

“Look who’s on the ledge now,” I thought.And this has always been the dynamic of our friendship. We have always been there for each other-- lifelines. I’ve always appreciated that about Kim—her genuineness comes from a place of love and truth and makes you think. As she always did.

Kimberely will be sharing her spoken word poetry for life Lifelines: Poetic Sessions—Take I Saturday, April 12, 2014 at The Red Shoes 2303 Government Street in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. For more details and ticket information, contact Follow Kimberely on Twitter @PoetNoble.


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