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30 Things in 30 Years: Pass the Test

Life can be so real. Like real real. But that doesn’t mean we have to be completely taken aback. We learn what’s what, what works, and surely enough, we learn what doesn’t work. We grow, we live, we learn. It’s life. Living and learning, though, through the lens of gratitude. When things happen, draw from it. Be grateful. Know that you made it through because you are you.

I always say, “You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s tested.” How do you know airbags work unless there is a collision? How do you know you are an overcomer unless in a trial? How can you profess patience if you’ve never had the opportunity to be impatient?

And that’s the thing: when the opportunity is presented do we have a chance to pass the test. Yes, I will and can cuss you out, but I CHOOSE not to. Where is your opportunity? With opportunity, a major part of being tested is passing the test. Until you pass, you’ll have to retake the test. How else is something perfected? How else can you move to the next big thing in life? I’d much rather the airbags fail and be retested at the assembly level rather than at the consumer level. What tests do you need to pass before you can be moved to the next level?

I remember one of my most profound teachers, Lenard Tillery, Sr., would say, “Everything is in place for you to flash out, cuss out, and fall out, and you could-- but CHOOSE not to.” And that’s what it boils down to—choose. Life is real, like real real, but choose to learn, choose to be grateful, and pass the test!


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