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30 Things in 30 Years: Knowing Yourself

One of my biggest lessons I've learned in my 30 years on Earth is knowing self. Many know me for being candid, yet tactful. A phrase I use often is "This isn't working." Now, I don't just say this to be rude or inflexible, but I've told myself enough truths to embrace when something is truly not working.

How many of us have suffered through movies, or dealt with bad haircuts, or kept folk around at our own expense? We telling ourselves, "It's not that bad. It'll be over soon. I can grow to like it/ him/ her." Is this really the way?

Throughout life, we all have different "coming into our own" experiences. Many times they are great; sometimes they may be a little less than great. Either way, they are ours, and they help add dimensions to our identities and help us to know and learn ourselves.

When it comes to identity, it’s important that you know who you are. Of course, this is a journey within itself, yet along the way we learn what works, and indeed, what doesn’t. This could be anything from knowing which personalities work well with yours and which don’t, which type of job, which style of dress, music, food, worship, and many other forms of expression.

There is nothing worse than trying to make something fit that just is not fitting. My grandfather would always say "it’s like wearing shoes too small:" you may fit at first, but it’s uncomfortable and won’t last long. This is so true when you are untrue to you.

Love yourself enough to know that doing what works for you makes you better for you and everybody else!

Today let's aim to be true to you!


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